Cost Planning

Our experienced Estimators have the skills and knowledge required to produce realistic Feasibility Budgets and Cost Plans from the concept stage of a project through to the commencement of construction on site.

Our experience of Design & Build projects gives the team the ability to identify the gaps and risk inherent in the level of design information that is typically available in the early stages of a project. These are identified in both the measure and pricing of the budget or cost plan.

The single stage D&B tenders that our team are continually working on generate both design detail and a set of current market tested rates that are used in the production of Feasibility Budgets and Cost Plans. This data also enables us to benchmark the total project cost against other recent similar tendered projects.

We can develop and update the costs as the level of design information develops, allowing more detailed and increasingly accurate costs to be generated as the design progresses through the RIBA stages.

We have provided Cost Plans across all the sectors that we work in.